Fine Food Kärlek och Mat – Note Design Studio

Note Design Studio has designed the interior at the restaurang “Fine food, Love and food” in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm, Sweden.

The studio was inspired by a photo series of the misty Death Valley by Jordan Sullivan with its soft color changes of daylight that turns the harsh landscape into a poetic place.

I like that it feels nordic and that it is so colorful. The green marble is also a welcome touch in contrast to the light ash wood, the brass and the natural leather. All in all, it´s a very nice combination.

Designer: Note Design Studio

Photos from and read more: Fine Food Kärlek och Mat | Note Design Studio.

Norway’s New National Arts Museum – Oslo

A new National Arts Museum in Oslo, Norway, is on it´s way. The architects Kleihues + Schuwerk Gesellschaft von Architekten is behind the design. The location is in the old harbor in central Oslo,  where both the new opera house is situated and numerous office buildings are under construction.

I like the dark facades with clean lines and the warm interior that seems to radiate through the big windows.

Pictures from/read more at: Design Revealed for Norway’s New National Arts Museum | ArchDaily.

Now we´re talking – Solar energy that doesnt block the view

Something very interesting is brewing at Michigan State University. They have researched and developed a new type of solar concentrator made by transparent material so it may be used in windows. The efficiency isn´t great at todays date, but the most interesting part is that there now is a concept, and given some time, they hope to be able to raise the efficiency. It´s a natural, logical solution that I hope will be very common in the future.

Read more and see more photos from: Solar energy that doesnt block the view | MSUToday | Michigan State University.

25 Free Online Architecture Books

A nice tip from ArchDaily on 25 good reads about architecture. The classic Vitruvius 10 books about architecture, is one of the most influential architecture books of all time and is readable on the link below. Le Corbusier, Aldo Rossi and Louis Sullivan along with several others famous architects are also represented by books in the following link. Good for the one who wants to read more about architecture and the thoughts behind it.

Picture and link from ArchDaily: 25 Free Architecture Books You Can Read Online | ArchDaily.

Interior Design Fair Formex 2014 – Stockholm, Sweden

So, this week it has been Formex in Stockholm. It´s a fair that shows the latest trends in interior design twice a year. This time the main trends are pastel colors, a natural theme with a lot of wood, dark grey/black, luxury and drama with dark colors, velvet, leather as well as industrial influences, inspiration from the 50´s with neat furniture and graphic patterns. So it´s a mix where a lot of different styles are brought to the front but one thing is for certain; the black and white minimalistic trend that we have seen in recent years seems to be over for this time.

Photos: Susanne Ellingsworth/Expressen

Read more: 

Photo above: Pastel colors and furniture influenced by the 50’s.


Photo above: Natural theme with a lot of wood and natural colors, dark grey, brown, green.

Dark Fragrance

Photo above: Luxury and drama with dark purple, velvet, leather, silk and chandelier.

Housedoctor 50's

Photo above: Inspiration from the 50’s with a neat sofa from House Doctor.


Photo above: Industrial inspiration with wallpaper looking like old, rusty metal. 


Photo above: Last years trend with moroccan tiles has transformed to a more nordic pattern.

Textile 50's 

Photo above: Textile with graphics influenced by the 50’s.

Kvarteret Ametisten, Kärrtorp – Joliark

A new apartment block south of Stockholm with galvanized metal as facade material. The contrast to the neighborhood with the villas from the 1920´s is obvious, but the scale and the old nature surrounding the block, makes it feel natural and well placed.

Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman

Read more: Kvarteret Ametisten, Kärrtorp | arkitektur.

Domkyrkoforum, Lund – Carmen Izquierdo

In 2004, Carmen Izquierdo won the open competition about a new parish house in Lund, Sweden. It has a brass facade and has an interesting relation to the square and the cathedral in front of it. From the auditorium the big window frames the view of the cathedral. The entrance is withdrawn from the square in a discrete way, and the warm, yellow light from the brass facade makes the character welcoming.

Photographs from: Domkyrkoforum, Lund | arkitektur.

Read more: Domkyrkoforum, Lund | arkitektur.

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