Modern Swedish townhouses at Lundagatan, Stockholm – Utopia Arkitekter

Another nice project from Utopia Arkitekter at Lundagatan, Stockholm. It´s an elegant little infill-project with 17 townhouses with an aesthetic that reminds me of Danish architecture, a bit like Arne Jacobsen´s townhouses but in 2015, and in Stockholm.

Images from and read more here: Utopia • Lundagatan.

Valencia, Copenhagen – Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

In Copenhagen, an old dance hall from 1861 called Valencia, has been renovated and revitalized with a modern addition. In respectful contrast to the classic building, it got a modern courtyard, and the interior was renovated to show the old walls, tone down the ceiling and floor and a new addition was installed. Inside Valencia, they created a new structure made of corrugated aluminium with a  warm yellow interior.

I like the beautiful old building, and that the new structure inside is freestanding, leaving the old building intact. And with the neutral color of the aluminium it matches the old building, yet the corrugated pattern makes it more interesting. And then comes the warm, yellow inside the addition which sparks it up, I like the non-compromising yellow tone that includes everything, and it makes a good match both from the inside-out, and outside-in. Interesting, modern, respectful and well done.

Photos from and read more: valencia / copenhagen / 2014 – DORTE MANDRUP ARKITEKTER.

6 finalists revealed in Gothenburg – Akademiska Hus

#1 Haga Forum

#2 Varp

#3 Open House

#4 Unus et Vertere

#5 Annex

#6 Campus Diem

In Gothenburg, there has been an architectural competition about a building addition to the University of Economics. Above, You may see the 6 finalists which are designed by:

– Yellon + Kim Utzon Arkitekter + WSP + Atkins, Sverige/Danmark

– Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor, Sverige

– Johannes Norlander Arkitektur + Arup, Sverige/Storbritannien

– Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, Danmark

– XDGA + Contekton + Integra engineering + Andersson & Hultmark, Belgien/Sverige

– Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Tyskland /Spanien

My favorite is nr 5, Annex, because of the clean, simple facade, which also connect and respond to the existing building, but with a modern touch. It also respects the existing building and let them both stand as equal solitaires, with a corresponding scale and aesthetic.

Images from and read more: Akademiska Hus | Förslag för ny byggnad på Handelshögskolan i Göteborg visas upp.

Aesop Bibliotekstan – in praise of shadows

The australian brand Aesop opened their first shop in Scandinavia during 2014. The architects, In praise of shadows, names three sources for inspiration; the philosophy of Jun’ichiro Tanizaki and movies made by Lars von Trier and Ingmar Bergman.

The shop is divided in two parts, one more open and public and one more intimate. The materials are mostly plaster and wood, and the counter is an impressive piece of solid wood sculptured by tree-sculptor Lies-Marie Hoffman.

Read more: Aesop Bibliotekstan : in praise of shadows arkitektur ab.

Photos from:

Opera in Yuhang – Henning Larsen Architects

Recently Henning Larsen Architects unveiled their project in Yuhang, China. It´s an opera with several more functions such as theatre, two museums, an art school and retail stores. The opera house is located in the middle of a lake in a new urban area, and the vision is to use the opera house as a focal point.

I like the ornament in the facade which reminds me a little of when I as a kid played with paper and a scissor to create patterns. It seems to have a beautiful location by the lake and the building seems to rise from the water and opens up in front of it. The spectacular facade also gives a nice effect in the interior with all the shadows it creates. It´s like a sculpture and I look forward to see more about the project and some more info about the chosen materials.

Images from and read more: Chinese Opera with Danish Roots :: Henning Larsen Architects.

Etaget, Stockholm – Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor




Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor has in collaboration with Tobin Properties, created a little “mini-manhattan” at west Kungsholmen, Stockholm. This 13 story-building has several different materials which creates the feeling of a Manhattan skyline. Nice project, nice facades, nice colors and combination of materials.

Read more and pictures from: Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor and

Soft Scandinavian minimalism – Menu A/S



The Danish design company Menu A/S has presented some of their new products. It´s an elegant minimalistic style that they call soft minimalism, and I like the contrast between copper, marble, light grey and white.

Photo from and for more products/information: MENU A/S.

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