Nominées to the Kasper Salin-prize 2018

So, recently the nominées to the Kasper Salin-prize 2018 was presented by Sveriges Arkitekter (Architects Sweden). Among the projects is a housing project, a market hall, one smaller villa and also a renovation and extension of Nationalmuseum.

All of them are interesting and have their qualities:
– 79&Park is built by Oscar Properties, a housing-company that profiles in good, modern architecture and has built some of the most interesting housing-projects in Stockholm during the last 10 years or so. Architect 79&Park: BIG
– Hamra, a small, modern villa, I like the clean, minimalistic use of materials and the warm wood in contrast to the concrete. Architect: Collectif encore
– Malmö Market Hall, in the old harbour area, an old 19th-century warehouse is transformed to a market hall. First, I really must say I like market halls and the life they bring to the city, and also the possibilities it gives to small local companies to sell their food, and for people to enjoy the variety of food for sale at the market hall. This project has a nice contrast between the use of cortén and the old brick architecture. Architect: Wingårdhs
– The new Nationalmuseum, after being closed for several years, it recently opened again after being renovated and getting an extexion. I like the glass roof in the atriums, and I also appreciate the quite strong interior coloring on the walls, it feels like if the coloring would have been a bit too strong, they would have almost overshadowed the art. But as its done, it has a strong effect in the room, but it doesn´t take over the impression of the art. So it´s nicely balanced. Architect: Wingårdhs

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Photos below:

79&Park. Photographer: Laurian Ghinitoiu


Hamra. Photographer: Michel Bonvin


Malmö Saluhall. Photographer: André Phil


The New Nationalmuseum. Photographer: Bruno Ehrs


Hyllie Stationshus by Third Nature+Tham o Videgård Arkitekter

So, I just saw this project by Third Nature+Tham o Videgård Arkitekter which is a new station in Malmö, Sweden. It combines several functions and the vision is to create a dynamic space where the residentials and the station square meet.

Client: Malmö Municipality
Program: Masterplan and development of station area
Place: Hyllie, Malmö, Sweeden
Type: Competition
Areal: 12.000 m2 (site) + 54.000 m2 (the three buildings included in the masterplan)
Team: THIRD NATURE + Tham & Videgård Arkitekter + FEW Agency + Ikano Bostad

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This years Kasper Sahlin-price goes too……

A very nice project made by the quite young office Elding Oscarsson, it’s Skissernas Museum (Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art) in Lund. I like how the new wooden construction with corten facade, relates to the existing buildings and the surrounding greenery.

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Photographer: Åke E:son Lindman

Copenhagen international school – C.F. MØLLER


Right on the dock in Copenhagen, in the new area Nordhavn, the new Copenhagen international school is placed. On one side of the dock it’s still functioning as a harbour, on the other side of the dock, new housingprojects are under development.

What I find interesting with this building is first and foremost the facade. The building is covered with solarpanels that will supply the school with at least half of the buildings yearly consumtion of electricity. And beside that, the solarpanels shift in color depending on the weather, so it has a colorrange from turqouis to purple depending on weather and sunlight.

I really like the environment-friendly function in the building, which for me signals both an architect and a developer and a client that takes responsibility for the planet we all live on.

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Cobe – Krøyers plads, Copenhagen



Going to Copenhagen this summer? Then I can recommend to take a boattrip and experience Copenhagen from the seaside.

In the neighbourhood of Christianshavn, near the famous restaurant Noma, is a new housing-project completed in 2016.

The architects, COBE, has designed three new buildings with folded roofs and a new, modern interpretation of the old industrial warehouses represented in the neighbourhood.

Interesting project that makes a stand with it’s own modern identity, but still harmonizes with it’s scale and expression with it’s surroundings.

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Örnsro Timber Town in Örebro – C.F. Møller

An interesting project by C.F. Møller made of solid timber frame structures. It won 1st price in architectural competition in 2016 located in Örebro, Sweden.

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New housing project at Bygdøynesveien 15 in Oslo, Norway – Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Another nice project from Reiulf Ramstad Architects located at Bygdøynesveien 15, Oslo, Norway. The project is part of a new residental area combining historic buildings from early 1900´s and new, modern housing.

The new buildings will offer apartments and the area is designed to be an eco-friendly residential environment with high architectural qualities.

I like the light grey brick facade and the scale of the buildings. The wooden doors adds a bit of warmth, and the relief that makes the light from the interior shine through is another nice touch.

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Illustrations by RRAMIR & EVE Images

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