HSB 2023 – Berg/C.F. Møller

In 2013 Berg/CF Möller in collaboration with Dinell Johansson won the contest about a new innovative and sustainable apartment building in central Stockholm. When HSB Stockholm – Sweden´s largest housing association – turns 100 years in 2023 the building will have been completed.

The 34-floor apartment building is a wooden structure with stabilizing concrete cores and with wood as the interior theme in the apartments on windows, ceilings, floor and walls.

Using wood in both construction and as the major interior material is a natural, environmental friendly and a durable material. Both social and environmental sustainability have been important factors in this project and each apartment will have an energy-efficient glass-fronted balcony and the building will recieve energy from solar panels placed on the roof. Other qualities in the building as well as in a new neighborhood building, there will be a café, nursery, marketplace as well as a gym and bicycle storage. The possibility of  allotments in the shared winter garden is just another great quality in this sympathetic project.

Photos: Berg/CF Möller

Read more: HSB 2023 – Västerbroplan – Projekt – C.F. Møller.


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