Strandparken, Stockholm – Wingårdhs/Folkhem


Another interesting project in Stockholm, an 8 story high residential building made of wood. Everything is made out of wood, the bearing parts, facade and interior detailing and even the elevator schaft is made of wood. All the apartments have a view over the lake and big balconies. The facade is made of cederpanel and the technique is similar to slatefacades, placed in shift of three panels.

What I like about these buildings (there are 4 houses in the project) is that it´s natural materials, sustainable/environmental thinking and a non-compromising edge. This is wooden houses, and it´s obvious all around on the facades, windows, interior detailing, bearing parts and even the roof is made out of cederpanels. And the indoor climate also feels light and healthy. The buildings has sprinkler systems, which I think is a very good idea for all buildings.

The contractor Folkhem are very positive to use the wooden-house technique and all of their coming projects will use this technique. They like it because it´s sustainable and new trees are planted that becomes new building material later on, it´s also a lighter construction, healthier material, doesn´t need time to dry (like concrete for example) and therefor it´s faster to build, it´s also a better material to work with, lighter and more silent material. The architect behind this project is Wingårdhs.

Photos: Folkhem

Architect: Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor

Read more: Valt projekt – Folkhem.


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