Frederiksvej Kindergarten – COBE



Interesting approach in regard to the surrounding buildings, the street and the scale in the neighborhood.

It´s very common to adapt the scale in a new project to the surrounding buildings or adding a floor or two, but still in synk with the neighborhood scale. It´s also very common to create the same type of relation between the new project and the street, in the same way the existing buildings relate to the street.

In this project, they break these two factors and relate in a freer way in regards to the surroundings.
The scale in the new buildings is kind of a middle way between the larger structures north-east of the project and the smaller scale on the west of the project. It has 3-4 stories to the street, and 2-3 stories meeting the small houses and the green area south of the project. The existing larger blocks is about 5 stories high, and the small villas on the west is about 1-2 floors.
The structure reminds me of small villas brought together with access in between, and from the street it marks a breaking-point between two building-areas with different typologi and scale. It also creates interesting, small, open rooms between the different houses which add a curiosity both in the front and back. It also creates a sense of playfulness, which is a good thing to add to a kindergarten.
Architects: COBE,
Photographs: Rasmus HjortshøjAdam Mørk
Read more and see more phots here:



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