Hyllie Stationshus by Third Nature+Tham o Videgård Arkitekter

So, I just saw this project by Third Nature+Tham o Videgård Arkitekter which is a new station in Malmö, Sweden. It combines several functions and the vision is to create a dynamic space where the residentials and the station square meet.

Client: Malmö Municipality
Program: Masterplan and development of station area
Place: Hyllie, Malmö, Sweeden
Type: Competition
Areal: 12.000 m2 (site) + 54.000 m2 (the three buildings included in the masterplan)
Team: THIRD NATURE + Tham & Videgård Arkitekter + FEW Agency + Ikano Bostad

Pictures from and read more here:https://afasiaarchzine.com/2018/02/third-nature-tham-videgard/






Örnsro Timber Town in Örebro – C.F. Møller

An interesting project by C.F. Møller made of solid timber frame structures. It won 1st price in architectural competition in 2016 located in Örebro, Sweden.

Images from and read more here: http://www.cfmoller.com/p/-en/Ornsro-Timber-Town-in-Orebro-i3349.html

Johannes Norlander, winner of the Kasper Salin-price 2016

Another nice project made by Johannes Norlander in Gothenburg, Sweden. He won the Kasper Salin-prize in 2016 for this project. I like the very repetetive facade and the simplicity in the materials, no fuss, straight, simple and elegant. Well done!

Photos from and read more here: https://www.arkitekt.se/vinnare-av-kasper-salin-priset-2016/

Photographer: Ulf Celander


And the winner is (drumroll please) …..

My favorite among the proposals to the additional building to the University of Economics in Gothenburg is hereby presented as the winner of the competition. It´s Johannes Norlander in collaboration with Arup that is the winning team. Nice project and well done!

Read more in my article below or at http://www.norlander.se

Images from and read more: Akademiska Hus | Vinnare arkitekttävling för Handelshögskolan i Göteborg.

Competition proposal in Katrineholm – studio fredrik lund/sanden/hodnekvam arkitekter

Inspiring image from a competition proposal made by Studio Fredrik Lund in collaboration with sanden/hodnekvam arkitekter. I like the black framing construction and its simple structure in contrast to the airy, withdrawn glass-facade which creates generous balconies for all the apartments.

Images from and read more here: studio fredrik lund : the bookshelf – housing in katrineholm, sweden – september 2014.

The seven winning teams in the competition Oceanhamnen – Helsingborgs stad

The competition Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg, Sweden, is now completed and the 7 winning teams are announced. Oceanhamnen is an area with spectacular view over the ocean and is just around the corner from the central station Knutpunkten. The area is to be characterized by the themes; talent, tolerance, time, technology and “not adjusted”. The participants were asked to interpret the words in their projects in order to think new and as a new way of working.

The seven winning teams are:

– Sundprojekt AB med White Arkitekter AB Malmö

– Tage & Söner Förvaltnings AB med Liljewall Arkitekter AB

– Midroc Property Development med Kamikaze Arkitekter

– Riksbyggen med Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB

– Magnolia Bostad AB med Link Arkitektur AB och Batteríið Architects Ltd

– K-fastigheter och Fastighets AB Balder med Kanozi Arkitekter AB

– Serneke Projektstyrning AB med Arkitektlaget och Jais Arkitekter

Personally, I like Tage & Söner Förvaltnings AB/Liljewall Arkitekter AB and Magnolia Bostad AB/Link Arkitektur AB/Batteriio Architects Ltd projects the best. In my opinion, they seem more coherent and calm, even if the facades are made of varying elements.

Picture above: Sundprojekt AB with  White Arkitekter AB MalmöPicture above:  Tage & Söner Förvaltnings AB with Liljewall Arkitekter AB

Picture above: Serneke Projektstyrning AB with Arkitektlaget and Jais Arkitekter

Picture above: Riksbyggen with Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB

Picture above: Midroc Property Development with Kamikaze Arkitekter

Picture above: Magnolia Bostad AB with Link Arkitektur AB and Batteriio Architects Ltd

Picture above: K-fastigheter and Fastighets AB Balder with Kanozi Arkitekter AB

Read more and pictures from: Sju team får bygga bostäder i Oceanhamnen – Helsingborgs stad.

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