Hospital in Esbjerg – Arkitema Architects

A new hospital in Esbjerg designed by Arkitema Architects. I like the exterior shutters which makes a nice, warm contrast to the glass and the white facade. I also like all the interior wood which creates a warm and caring atmosphere, just what´s needed in a hospital.

Images from and read more here: Ny sengebygning Sydvestjysk Sygehus, Esbjerg.

Valencia, Copenhagen – Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

In Copenhagen, an old dance hall from 1861 called Valencia, has been renovated and revitalized with a modern addition. In respectful contrast to the classic building, it got a modern courtyard, and the interior was renovated to show the old walls, tone down the ceiling and floor and a new addition was installed. Inside Valencia, they created a new structure made of corrugated aluminium with a  warm yellow interior.

I like the beautiful old building, and that the new structure inside is freestanding, leaving the old building intact. And with the neutral color of the aluminium it matches the old building, yet the corrugated pattern makes it more interesting. And then comes the warm, yellow inside the addition which sparks it up, I like the non-compromising yellow tone that includes everything, and it makes a good match both from the inside-out, and outside-in. Interesting, modern, respectful and well done.

Photos from and read more: valencia / copenhagen / 2014 – DORTE MANDRUP ARKITEKTER.

Opera in Yuhang – Henning Larsen Architects

Recently Henning Larsen Architects unveiled their project in Yuhang, China. It´s an opera with several more functions such as theatre, two museums, an art school and retail stores. The opera house is located in the middle of a lake in a new urban area, and the vision is to use the opera house as a focal point.

I like the ornament in the facade which reminds me a little of when I as a kid played with paper and a scissor to create patterns. It seems to have a beautiful location by the lake and the building seems to rise from the water and opens up in front of it. The spectacular facade also gives a nice effect in the interior with all the shadows it creates. It´s like a sculpture and I look forward to see more about the project and some more info about the chosen materials.

Images from and read more: Chinese Opera with Danish Roots :: Henning Larsen Architects.

Soft Scandinavian minimalism – Menu A/S



The Danish design company Menu A/S has presented some of their new products. It´s an elegant minimalistic style that they call soft minimalism, and I like the contrast between copper, marble, light grey and white.

Photo from and for more products/information: MENU A/S.

The Vipp Shelter, an industrial steel cottage

Who knew that Vipp would take the step to create a steel cottage? Surprising, innovative and a with a quite futuristic design, this 55 sqm galvanized steel-cabin is ready to order from their webshop. All things inside are Vipp-produced and included, even cutlery and bedding as well as furniture is taken care of. You just need to bring yourself, clothing and food and you are set to go.

Want more photos and information? See links below.

Floor plan from:

Photo above from: The Vipp Shelter, a step beyond prefab – emmas designblogg

One of the three winners in the first phase of the competition about a new psychiatric hospital in Ballerup, Denmark

WE architecture in collaboration with Creo Arkitekter are one of the three winners in the first phase of the competition about a new psychiatric hospital in Ballerup, Denmark. The proposal includes several small houses in close contact with the green surroundings. The project have a zen-like atmosphere with their small surrounded gardens and the interior with a lot of wood, light, air and big windows overlooking the nearby meadow.

Pictures from and read more: WE selected as one of the winners of Psychiatric Hospital PC Ballerup… – we architecture.

New interesting project by Arkitema Architects, Ringköbing K

This project is a result from a competition in the form of a Parallell Project (a couple of offices is chosen to design and the developer or the municipality, chooses the project that wins their liking).

I like that it´s the same material on both facade and roof (as we´ve seen in other projects on this blog). I also like the site with the sea just a few meters away, who would´t dream to live like that? Another interesting feature is the placement of the buildings, where the placement seem a little random, until you see the site plan where you get the logic that the houses are based on the highest points in the area. The consequences is that you get almost an “old town”-feeling with curiosity what´s around the corner.

Pictures from and read more here: Ringkøbing K | Arkitema Architects.

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