Johannes Norlander, winner of the Kasper Salin-price 2016

Another nice project made by Johannes Norlander in Gothenburg, Sweden. He won the Kasper Salin-prize in 2016 for this project. I like the very repetetive facade and the simplicity in the materials, no fuss, straight, simple and elegant. Well done!

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Photographer: Ulf Celander



And the winner is (drumroll please) …..

My favorite among the proposals to the additional building to the University of Economics in Gothenburg is hereby presented as the winner of the competition. It´s Johannes Norlander in collaboration with Arup that is the winning team. Nice project and well done!

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Images from and read more: Akademiska Hus | Vinnare arkitekttävling för Handelshögskolan i Göteborg.

6 finalists revealed in Gothenburg – Akademiska Hus

#1 Haga Forum

#2 Varp

#3 Open House

#4 Unus et Vertere

#5 Annex

#6 Campus Diem

In Gothenburg, there has been an architectural competition about a building addition to the University of Economics. Above, You may see the 6 finalists which are designed by:

– Yellon + Kim Utzon Arkitekter + WSP + Atkins, Sverige/Danmark

– Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor, Sverige

– Johannes Norlander Arkitektur + Arup, Sverige/Storbritannien

– Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, Danmark

– XDGA + Contekton + Integra engineering + Andersson & Hultmark, Belgien/Sverige

– Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Tyskland /Spanien

My favorite is nr 5, Annex, because of the clean, simple facade, which also connect and respond to the existing building, but with a modern touch. It also respects the existing building and let them both stand as equal solitaires, with a corresponding scale and aesthetic.

Images from and read more: Akademiska Hus | Förslag för ny byggnad på Handelshögskolan i Göteborg visas upp.

Is it New York? But no, it´s café Magasinet, Gothenburg Sweden

Newly opened Café Magasinet got a fantastic start, it opened october 24th and has already become a popular place to go for a beer, coffee or food.

I like the rustic environment with industrial feeling , no polish, nothing fancy but so, so right. Got to go there on my next visit in Gothenburg..

Photos from and read more: Kafé Magasinet.

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