Octopharma – Joliark and White

One of the few industries left in Stockholm city, the medical producer Octopharma, is expanding into a nearby old Brewery-building.

The old brewery tradition in old copper kettles has been an inspiration for the use of copper in the interior design, and such a link between the buildings history and its future is very sympathetic to me. And I like the combination of the traditional nordic materials, copper, limestone and pine flooring in combination with the white and dark turqoise colors, which gives it a light, nordic character with a twist.

Architects: Joliark

Interior Architects: White

Photos from and read more here: Projekt – White.


Aesop Bibliotekstan – in praise of shadows

The australian brand Aesop opened their first shop in Scandinavia during 2014. The architects, In praise of shadows, names three sources for inspiration; the philosophy of Jun’ichiro Tanizaki and movies made by Lars von Trier and Ingmar Bergman.

The shop is divided in two parts, one more open and public and one more intimate. The materials are mostly plaster and wood, and the counter is an impressive piece of solid wood sculptured by tree-sculptor Lies-Marie Hoffman.

Read more: Aesop Bibliotekstan : in praise of shadows arkitektur ab.

Photos from: http://residencemagazine.se/aesop-oppnar-butik-i-stockholm/

A dreamlike studio, Stockholm

In this dreamlike studio in Stockholm, illustrator Sarah N Bergman has her studio. I can imagine how the inspiration flows in a room like this. I like it, I like it a lot.

Read more: Saras plats på jorden | Residence.

Photographer: Kristofer Johnsson

Read more: http://residencemagazine.se/saras-plats-pa-jorden/

Photographer: Kristofer Johnsson

Aula Medica – Wingårdhs

Yesterday I attended the Architecturegala arranged by the Swedish Association of Architects. It was placed in one of the more spectacular buildings here in Stockholm, Aula Medica, designed by Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor. The facade is made of triangular glass in four different colors and is leaning in one direction.

The most surprising was the wooden interior, which I did´t expect looking at the facade. The aula is a very nice room, with with the light wood and discreet yellow and orange-brown color, makes it a very elegant room.

The gala presented many interesting speakers such as Manuelle Gautrand, Christer Larsson and many more. Inspiring day!

 Photographer: Tord-Rikard Söderström

Photographer: Patrik Lindell

Read more: Aula Medica / Wingårdhs | ArchDaily.

Is it New York? But no, it´s café Magasinet, Gothenburg Sweden

Newly opened Café Magasinet got a fantastic start, it opened october 24th and has already become a popular place to go for a beer, coffee or food.

I like the rustic environment with industrial feeling , no polish, nothing fancy but so, so right. Got to go there on my next visit in Gothenburg..

Photos from and read more: Kafé Magasinet.

Stora Hotellet Umeå – Winner of World´s Best New Boutique Hotel Award

ReceptionTrappaSovrum LobbyRestaurangbar

I’m very, very glad to announce that Stora Hotellet in Umeå won the price for World´s Best New Boutique Hotel. It´s a 120 year old hotel that´s now renovated with the designers at Stylt Trampoli in Gothenburg. The result is a warm, homely, inviting atmosphere which has a historical connection to the buildings history as a seafarers house.

Read more here: Boutique Hotel Awards | Best Boutique ` | Luxury Boutique Hotels | Hotel Awards.

Hotels homepage: http://storahotelletumea.se

Architects and Designers: http://www.stylt.se/case-studies/stora-hotellet-umea-sweden

Photographer: Erik Nissen Johansen

60’s café still in function – Konditori Valand, Stockholm

Believe it or not (but it´s all true), this café was designed in 1954 and the interior is still intact and the café is still in function. The owner Stellan Åström designed this café in 1954 and his wife Magdalena was an employee at the time of the opening, and they are still going strong with some help from one of their sons and his wife. Magdalena, now 83, bakes the cookies and her husband Stellan, now 91, keeps the economy in check. The atmosphere is naturally creative and calm and no bather with trends, you don´t get a latte or cappuccino here but just brewed coffee and home-made cookies.

It´s an inspiring interior and I like the warmth it radiates and that they haven´t followed the trends but stayed true to their original idea, which is still going strong 60 years later.

Read more and photos from: Classic Cafes | Konditori Valand, Stockholm.

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