Copenhagen international school – C.F. MØLLER


Right on the dock in Copenhagen, in the new area Nordhavn, the new Copenhagen international school is placed. On one side of the dock it’s still functioning as a harbour, on the other side of the dock, new housingprojects are under development.

What I find interesting with this building is first and foremost the facade. The building is covered with solarpanels that will supply the school with at least half of the buildings yearly consumtion of electricity. And beside that, the solarpanels shift in color depending on the weather, so it has a colorrange from turqouis to purple depending on weather and sunlight.

I really like the environment-friendly function in the building, which for me signals both an architect and a developer and a client that takes responsibility for the planet we all live on.

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reThink Wood


Wish I was able to attend this highly interesting event about taller wood buildings. So many benefits in comparison to the traditional steel and concrete-structure. But just give it time, I bet it will be more common in the future.

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Now we´re talking – Solar energy that doesnt block the view

Something very interesting is brewing at Michigan State University. They have researched and developed a new type of solar concentrator made by transparent material so it may be used in windows. The efficiency isn´t great at todays date, but the most interesting part is that there now is a concept, and given some time, they hope to be able to raise the efficiency. It´s a natural, logical solution that I hope will be very common in the future.

Read more and see more photos from: Solar energy that doesnt block the view | MSUToday | Michigan State University.

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