Cobe – Krøyers plads, Copenhagen



Going to Copenhagen this summer? Then I can recommend to take a boattrip and experience Copenhagen from the seaside.

In the neighbourhood of Christianshavn, near the famous restaurant Noma, is a new housing-project completed in 2016.

The architects, COBE, has designed three new buildings with folded roofs and a new, modern interpretation of the old industrial warehouses represented in the neighbourhood.

Interesting project that makes a stand with it’s own modern identity, but still harmonizes with it’s scale and expression with it’s surroundings.

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But hello there, here is a very interesting project in Handen, a suburb south of Stockholm. It´s a building for geriatric care and has 54 apartements.

It´s very interesting with the concrete base in two stories, in contrast to the lighter wooden structure above in three stories. The building is u-shaped, surrounding a rock in the backyard, and the rock seems to be the object that created the form of the building. The pillars and the concrete base makes it possible to spare the rock as much as possible, which I think is a very nice touch in respect to the environment. I also like that it´s height and volume is in sync with the neighborhood, but it has a very different and modern character which makes it stand out in a positive way.

The office behind this interesting project is a quite new one, but very interesting indeed. They have many interesting projects on their website and I think we will see a whole lot of them in the future.

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Photographer: Mikael Olsson

Frederiksvej Kindergarten – COBE



Interesting approach in regard to the surrounding buildings, the street and the scale in the neighborhood.

It´s very common to adapt the scale in a new project to the surrounding buildings or adding a floor or two, but still in synk with the neighborhood scale. It´s also very common to create the same type of relation between the new project and the street, in the same way the existing buildings relate to the street.

In this project, they break these two factors and relate in a freer way in regards to the surroundings.
The scale in the new buildings is kind of a middle way between the larger structures north-east of the project and the smaller scale on the west of the project. It has 3-4 stories to the street, and 2-3 stories meeting the small houses and the green area south of the project. The existing larger blocks is about 5 stories high, and the small villas on the west is about 1-2 floors.
The structure reminds me of small villas brought together with access in between, and from the street it marks a breaking-point between two building-areas with different typologi and scale. It also creates interesting, small, open rooms between the different houses which add a curiosity both in the front and back. It also creates a sense of playfulness, which is a good thing to add to a kindergarten.
Architects: COBE,
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Jessheim Hage – a-lab and Solon Eiendom


Recently I stumbled upon a picture of these interesting houses. I like the coloring of the wooden facade-panel and the difference between each module. You can see they belong together but they still have their own identity, quite like a little family.

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Architects: a-lab

Developer: Solon Eiendom

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DnB NOR Headquarters by A-Lab


Well hello there, I´m back 🙂 ! I’ve had a little pause but now I’m back on track again and feeling eager to blog. So, recently I went to Oslo and saw an interesting project, the DnB Headquarters by A-lab. While there I just saw the front and not all the volume from the side, and even if it´s interesting as a volume ,the front facade with the lower height fascinated me. I´m all in for a clean, simple, elegant facade, and the front facade is just that, but with a little twist with the smaller windows that founds their place in the rhythm but gives the facade more character.

Architects: A-lab


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The Hemnet Home – Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

The Hemnet Home designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter is the result from 200 million clicks and 86 000 properties om Hemnet (a popular property site in Sweden). The exterior is a mix between the Swedish traditional red wooden cottage and the functionalist box. The interior have qualities such as a rational and clean floor plan, kitchen with double room height and a visual contact between the upper and lower level from the top of the stair.

I think it´s an interesting project and Hemnet is going to build an interpretation of the Swedish dream house, hopefully during 2016.

Images from:

The Hemnet Home | Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.

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The Hemnet Home | Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Etaget, Stockholm – Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor




Kjellander + Sjöberg Arkitektkontor has in collaboration with Tobin Properties, created a little “mini-manhattan” at west Kungsholmen, Stockholm. This 13 story-building has several different materials which creates the feeling of a Manhattan skyline. Nice project, nice facades, nice colors and combination of materials.

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